Holy Walkamolies!

(From a 2013 series of articles)

By Cheryl Paynter

Lynn Anne Hogan is no stranger to the Prince Edward Island marathon weekend. She has successfully run in a few half marathons and one full marathon in years previous. Like many who have caught the running bug, Lynn Anne has gone on to organize many learn to run groups and is a race organizer in her community of Kensington.

Being a new mom, Lynn Anne realized the 2013 running events maybe a tad out of reach for her this year. She viewed this not as a negative, but as a great opportunity to gather some family and friends to start a walking group.

“My sister-in-law Jill and I walked a 5km event back in the spring, me pushing Alex and Jill’s five year old daughter Emma walked with us.”

“I asked Jill if she would consider walking the half marathon distance with me. She didn’t violently protest, so I got on-line and registered us!”

“From there, I created a facebook page and put the call out to anyone interested in joining us. We are now 13 women strong! From Tignish to Enmore and beyond, we are a wide array of ages. Some of us are new or expecting moms. Most are new entrants in race weekend, but some have experience. We all share in the interest and excitement of being part of marathon weekend.”

“We have dubbed our group the “Holy Walkamolies” and are having some fun with it all. We just ordered some hats for race day and will be easily identified out on the course.”

“I didn’t want to miss the energy, excitement and feeling of accomplishment at the finish line. I thought a walking group was a good fit for my schedule this year and desperately wanted to share that experience with Jill.”

“It just kind of took off from there. Bit by bit we had a great uptake. We don’t regularly have time to train together, but having that support and accountability group to share in confidence and keeping this fun has been very motivational.”

“I think it’s tremendous that this marathon weekend has an event for everyone. Whether you are walking or running a 5km or a full marathon, the accomplishment is recognized and there is just something magical about coming across that finishing mat on that day. I expect there to be some real emotions displayed by this proud group of ladies on race day. I cannot wait.”

Lynn Anne is the very essence of the strong and supporting community that gives beginners the courage and confidence to enter such an event. The fact that is done on her own initiative speaks volumes for her love of the sport, her family, her friends and wanting to give back.

And what about Jill? What is she saying about being signed up to walk 21.1 kilometers?

“Life starts at the end of your comfort zone and Lynn Anne has definitely kicked me out of mine. I am so excited for the marathon weekend to share this success with her and to meet our family and friends at the finish line. On the 20th [2013] my first fitness goal will be complete. This is just the beginning for me! “

Prince Edward Island marathon weekend is a celebration of all of these stories of support, hard work, commitment and determination. Look for the Holy Walkamolies group on race day!

Prince Edward Island Marathon Weekend. Your Race. Your Pace.


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