A Running Dictionary: Fiddle Dee-E

By Cindy Lapeña

It’s an Island run on an island wee

Fiddle-dee-e in our dictionary!

We’re back with more terms to add to your running lingo so you can sound like an Expert!

DNS/DNF: Sometimes, you’ll see this next to a runner’s name or number in the race results. They simply mean DID NOT START and DID NOT FINISH. Logically, if you see a DNS, you’ll also see a DNF, but there are instances when runners fall into a black hole, get lost along the course, get waylaid, drown in a Port-a-potty, or decide to take a swim instead. In that case, you’ll see a start time and a DNF. If you see a DNS and a finish time, then something is fishy.

DOMS: You might have experienced extreme discomfort or difficulty walking, especially up and down stairs, after a run. It feels like you’re stiff and sore all over. You’re experiencing DOMS—no, it’s not the dirty thing you’re thinking—it’s just delayed onset muscle soreness, which usually occurs after a day or two, and can last a day or two, as well.

Dreadmill: If you’ve ever worked out indoors in a gym, you’ll be familiar with this favorite runner’s gym equipment, the dreaded treadmill, better known as the dreadmill. It’s good for training though, as you can go faster easier on a treadmill than on open road, or so they say.

Dynamic Stretching: You really need to warm up before a run and cool down after, and there’s nothing better than—yup, you guessed it—dynamic stretching! It’s a dynamite way to increase flexibility, power, and range of motion through controlled movements such as butt-kicks, leg-lifts, lunges, and squats.

Easy Run: If you’re like me, there’s no such thing as an easy run. It’s supposed to be a light run during which you can carry on a conversation. I can’t even do that at a fast walk!

Elite: These are the hoity-toity pro runners who run for a living. They join every race they can and aim to win, not just finish the run. They’re the ones who’re always trying to break their record or whatever record is out there, which means they are really fast.

Endurance: This is really the whole idea of long-distance running, a.k.a. marathon running. It’s how well a runner’s body can keep running despite stress and pain. My idea of endurance is making it through a marathon weekend of binging on all the seasons of all the TV series I missed!

Next time: Alphabetically Ef-ing fun words!



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