The First Georgetown 5&10K

It wasn’t too early to be up and about, but considering it was a Sunday, it was an almost ungodly hour, but off the Georgetown we were, arriving at the school parking lot a few minutes just after seven, empty save for a car left parked overnight. By 7:20 cars started rolling in–first a runner from off-island, then volunteers and the day sped up. In the planning stage, we had expected around plus or minus 30 participants and so hoped for 50 but prepared for 75; when we closed online registrations at midnight the Thursday before, we had 51 registered. Not sure what to expect because thunderstorms and showers had been predicted for around 4 a.m. and again around 12 p.m., we were graced by clear blue skies and a bright sun that pounded down on us all, volunteers, organizers, runners, and cheerers alike. Perhaps the excellent weather drew people out, but it was, no doubt, a perfect day for a run, and the people came out. We knew we were getting more than we expected when the line for on-site registrants was much longer than the line for pre-registered participants. Before 8:30, volunteers ran off another 20 or so copies of the registration form, and within a half hour, they had to run off yet another 20 or so copies. In the end, we had over 100 registered; 5 of those pre-registered did not show up, and of those who were there, only one did not finish.

What an amazing turnout, wonderful support, and energetic bunch of people we had at the first ever Georgetown 5&10K! Our FB event page is chock-full of photographs, and we still have photos coming up. We’ll be coming up with some kind of slideshow/movie for you guys, so keep an eye out for it!

Meanwhile, here are the results for posterity!

Georgetown results poster



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