CHARLOTTETOWN, 25 August 2016 — Many times, it is not easy for us to understand the situation of other people unless we walk the proverbial mile in their shoes. In the same spirit, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)-PEI and the PEI Marathon have collaborated to hold the 1K Wheelchair Event during the PEI Marathon weekend, to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of what people with mobility problems have to endure when they have to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

For the 2016 PEI Marathon Wheelchair Event on the 16th October, SCI-PEI and the PEI Marathon are once more looking to fill 10 slots. Besides offering a challenge to people with mobility impairment as part of the SCI-PEI program to help them become more active and re-integrate into the community, SCI-PEI is challenging able-bodied persons to try to complete the 1K race in a wheelchair. The brave souls who took the wheelchair challenge last year in the photograph were (L-R) Francis Hince of Best Western, John Morris of the SCI-PEI Board of Directors, Scotiabank-Sherwood Manager Jamie Cudmore, James Poirier, MLA and now Minister Robert Mitchell of Sherwood, Stephanie Knickle, Joe Vriends, 2014 Wheelchair Event winner Eric Payne, James Poirier, and Pauline Frizzell, who won the event in 2015.

2015 wheelchair event

Media contact:

Cindy Lapeña


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