By Cindy Lapeña

The name Brown’s Volkswagen has become synonymous with the PEI Marathon Corporate Relay, considering Brown’s has sponsored this event since its very first running in 2006 with 7 teams. For the record, 42 teams participated in 2015 as more organizations seem to see the value of being physically active as a group. We went straight to Brown’s General Manager, Tammy Roach, to see what keeps them in the running.

CL: Besides the publicity and goodwill it generates, what value does Brown’s VW see in sponsoring the Corporate Relay?

Tammy: To promote healthy living and to be seen as a company that is “active” and active in the community!

CL: Do you think the Corporate Relay will always carry the Brown’s VW name on it? Tammy: Well, we’ve been there since the very start – is there a finish line?

CL: How does your sponsorship of this event affect your employees?

Tammy: Well, as soon as we start talking about our team…the teasing begins, we have a lot of fun with it–who’s running what leg of the race etc.…gets everyone working out and training!

CL: Do you have any difficulty assembling a team for the corporate relay? Or is it something you require your employees to do?

Tammy: No, difficulty putting a team together but, a lot of discussion over who’s running what leg…usually those that have done it once want to do it again because it’s so fun and a little competition is fun!

CL: Regardless of who sponsors the Corporate Relay, do you see Brown’s continuing to participate in the Corporate Relay?

Tammy: Yes, it is a wonderful TEAM building exercise!

CL: What does Brown’s do as a company to encourage more organizations to join the Corporate Relay?

Tammy: Facebook & Twitter, we’ve issued challenges in the past to other Charlottetown dealers–we also email all in our database and encourage our staff to spread the word!


From L-R: Roy Stuart, Mark Brown, Stephanie Brown, Tammy Roach, Richard MacLean, Eagan Boire, Andrew Brown. Photo courtesy of Tammy Roach.

Clearly, Brown’s VW and its employees are having fun while team building at the Corporate Relay, but we had to find out what other teams thought as well, so we rounded up another team that’s been running for a few years now: Cool Feet in Action.

Cool Feet In Action is the relay team for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which has a core group of about 5 runners and 3 others who change over. Formed by Dave MacNeil, the team first ran the PEI Marathon Corporate Relay in 2009 and brings together people from different areas within the CFIA each year. This doesn’t mean they get to practice together, because they do have several offices and sometimes, they don’t get to meet until Marathon Weekend. Some of the members are regular runners; others, occasional runners; still others, non-runners who are willing to cover shorter distances, leaving the longer stages of the Corporate Relay to the more experienced.

One of the runners, Program Officer Sandra Wright Shaw, has completed the Dublin and Athens marathons and continues to run as regular exercise; she has run the PEI Marathon with the CFIA team every year since 2009. Administrative Assistant Lori Noonan, on the other hand, is not a runner but enjoys participating in the Corporate Relay and will be back for her second run this year. On her 3rd year, Stacey Kuypers decided to join the team shortly after she moved to PEI nearly 4 years ago to stay active and be more involved with her colleagues. Dave MacNeil, who assembles the team each year, sees it as “a venue for personal goals and feeling the support from all other runners”—something newbies need to know so as not to be pressured by competition. He believes the relay race allows folks “of various experiences [to] each take a leg length that works for them” without losing the feeling of excitement and camaraderie from participating in the event. That camaraderie includes running with spouses, student interns, and colleagues from off-island. Because several of the team members sign up year after year, the few openings for new team members are quickly filled.

When asked about their team name, MacNeil says, “Our team name, Cool Feet in Action has the initials ‘CFIA’, which is the same for “Canadian Food Inspection Agency”. I think a good team name represents your organization, but is somewhat funky and is applied to running in some way.”

Besides bringing a team together, the Corporate Relay has brought the whole office together, as they have instigated coffee parties on Fridays where baked goods are sold to help raise the registration fees for the team. Besides the camaraderie and being a healthy activity, the Corporate Relay is a great team-building activity that generates a lot of fun.

Not all the runners see themselves participating in the full marathon, but that is not something they are totally avoiding. Besides Shaw who has run a couple of full marathons elsewhere, MacNeil has run the PEI Full Marathon a couple of times. As far as he is concerned, the PEI Marathon Corporate Relay has “great scenic landscapes, several events for participants of different levels, cool and comfortable October weather, and excellent organization by the Island Marathon group, with a clear route, and numerous water stops.”


From L-R (2015) – Cool Feet in Action: Derek Cook, Sandra Wright Shaw, Kari MacInnis-Coles, Dave MacNeil, John White, and Stacey Kuypers. Photo courtesy of Sandra Wright Shaw.

The team members agree they are not in the marathon to win and focus on a safe run and possibly improving their overall time, although the offices have an ongoing wager on bragging rights to the trophy. Team Leader Dave MacNeil sums it up: “We do not expect to win the Corporate Relay, but this is not our goal. Our goal is to run a great event as a team, have new runners experience a running event in a supportive way, enjoy the landscapes of PEI, and have a laugh along the way.” Shaw adds, “It’s motivation to get active, get out and enjoy a day with my colleagues, cheer on each other (plus other participants), have a few laughs, enjoy our PEI scenery, take some awesome pictures, you only have to run a portion of the 42 Km, and in the end we all cross the finish line as one.”

We concur. See you at the finish line on October 16! ~cl





Charlottetown, PEI – October 4, 2016 – The PEI Marathon Weekend is practically upon us but runners and walkers can still register online via Race Roster until October 15 at pre-race rates, after which prices will go up to Marathon weekend rates.

The PEI Marathon has grown from around 200 runners during the very first race in 2003 to 2,310 individual adult runners and 535 kids in 2015 for a whopping 2,845 or a growth of over 1400% in 12 years. That said, registrations continue to be very strong as Marathon Weekend approaches. In past years, international participants came mostly from the US with a smattering from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, comprising nearly 2% of the runners in 2015. The PEI Marathon supports local tourism by attracting more and more international participants to the island with its comfortable fall weather, and marvelous scenery from the Prince Edward Island National Park Brackley Beach starting point through the scenic Stanhope and moving inland through the gently rolling landscapes of Grand Tracadie, Corran Ban, Millcove, and Brackley before returning to the edge of Charlottetown and the University Avenue homestretch. Meanwhile, the shorter events will take place within Charlottetown where participants will get a good view of several historic buildings as well as Victoria Park where they can catch a glimpse of the Government House, popularly known as Fanningbank and the Prince Edward Battery from the boardwalk. Ten K participants will get a chance to go through Charlottetown’s Brighton District and see a bit of the University of Prince Edward Island, while half-marathon participants go farther out to West Royalty following the Confederation Trail and venturing close to the Charlottetown Airport before heading back into town through University Avenue. Full course descriptions and all registration information are available on


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By Cindy Lapeña

panthercub-roundThe PEI Marathon and the UPEI Alumni Association is launching the UPEI Panther Cubs Running Club at the start of this school year 2016-2017. The program is a joint effort “to encourage kids to be more active and be part of a healthy community, while participating in an event that introduces them to the University as potential future alumni,” says Anthony Gill, Manager of Alumni Engagement for the UPEI Alumni Association.
When Gill brought up this idea with incumbent president Alicia Bremner, she immediately responded with an enthusiastic “It’s such a positive thing—just do it!” And do it, he did. As the proud father of two, Gill personally looks forward to this new running program, which will be implemented in schools through the cooperation of Physical Education teachers, who will be provided with a complete UPEI Panther Cubs Running Club Kit.

The program is simple: students run in school—whether during breaks or after school—over 10 weeks leading up to the marathon. Their mini runs are marked on progress charts with custom-made reward stickers. The final stretch will be run as a separate event before the Kids Spud Run on October 15, 2016 at the UPEI track. The total distance each participant runs will be equal to a full marathon and every kid who completes the run will receive a certificate and the satisfaction of knowing they have run 42 km, started a healthy habit, and are on their way to developing an active lifestyle. The school with the most number of participants completing the final run will also receive a prize.

Championing the project on the school end is Physical Education teacher Stan Chaisson with the help of the PEI Physical Education Association. As a Physical Education teacher in K-12, he believes running “helps students realize the importance of daily exercise and wellness…in their lives in school and beyond. Running…allows kids to be active at their own pace, set goals, meet friends, and learn…[to live] a well balanced life. Also, starting an activity like running tends to spark other positive changes such as healthy eating, better sleep patterns, and a more stable mood.”

According to Race Director Myrtle Jenkins-Smith, the PEI Marathon has been trying to get kids more active since its inception, by creating the Kids Spud Run. “We have been looking for ways to involve more kids in schools and are glad to finally launch this program in collaboration with the UPEI Alumni Association.” In more ways than one, it is the PEI Marathon’s way of reaching out and giving back to the community because it is an investment in the future generations of PEI.

PEI Marathon Manager Amanda Vickerson says, “It doesn’t cost the school or the teachers anything. They only have to implement the program, as they will be provided with a complete package to motivate the students and track their progress.” Event coordinator and artist Cindy Lapeña designed the custom PEI Marathon stickers and the UPEI Panther Cub School Program Logo. For more information on the UPEI Panther Cub School Program and the PEI Marathon, please visit or call 902-316-2299.

Teachers or schools who wish to participate in 2017 should contact the PEI Marathon.


Cindy Lapeña is an award-winning playwright, author, artist, and sole proprietor of Arts ‘n’ Words Studio & Gallery. She also owns and manages The Writing Pool, an online resource for writers. She is writing a series of feature articles for the 2016 PEI Marathon.




Charlottetown, 31 August 2016–The PEI Marathon is excited to announce its plans to expand their Healthy Lifestyle Expo taking place during the 2016 Marathon Weekend on October 14-16, 2016. The Expo is free for all participants and the general public and is open on Friday, October 15 from 12-6 and Saturday, October 16 from 9-7 at the Marathon Headquarters in the Charlottetown Murphy Community Centre. With almost 3,000 people from all over the globe taking part in the Marathon Weekend, we believe this is a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services.

The PEI Marathon is once again pleased to offer a souvenir booklet and is excited with the new format this year, offering new ad sizes and pricing. Special pricing is available for exhibitors who wish to participate in both the Expo and the Booklet. Once again, this is an excellent way to showcase the outstanding quality of products and services your business offers in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The deadline for reserving a booth or advertising space in the booklet is Wednesday, September 7, 2016. To take part, please contact or call 902-316-2299. You can also visit to download the form.


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CHARLOTTETOWN, 25 August 2016 — Many times, it is not easy for us to understand the situation of other people unless we walk the proverbial mile in their shoes. In the same spirit, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)-PEI and the PEI Marathon have collaborated to hold the 1K Wheelchair Event during the PEI Marathon weekend, to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of what people with mobility problems have to endure when they have to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

For the 2016 PEI Marathon Wheelchair Event on the 16th October, SCI-PEI and the PEI Marathon are once more looking to fill 10 slots. Besides offering a challenge to people with mobility impairment as part of the SCI-PEI program to help them become more active and re-integrate into the community, SCI-PEI is challenging able-bodied persons to try to complete the 1K race in a wheelchair. The brave souls who took the wheelchair challenge last year in the photograph were (L-R) Francis Hince of Best Western, John Morris of the SCI-PEI Board of Directors, Scotiabank-Sherwood Manager Jamie Cudmore, James Poirier, MLA and now Minister Robert Mitchell of Sherwood, Stephanie Knickle, Joe Vriends, 2014 Wheelchair Event winner Eric Payne, James Poirier, and Pauline Frizzell, who won the event in 2015.

2015 wheelchair event

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PEI Marathon Signs on Scotiabank as 2016 Title Sponsor


2016 Logo

Charlottetown, PEI—August 22, 2016—The 2016 PEI Marathon is changing its title colour to Scotiabank’s blazing red. The Scotiabank PEI Marathon, a certified Boston Marathon qualifier, has run for 12 consecutive years and will celebrate its 13th year with the 2016 PEI Marathon from October 14-16.

The PEI Marathon is looking forward to this new partnership and Race Director Myrtle Jenkins-Smith hopes Scotiabank will continue supporting the PEI Marathon in the future, the same way it proudly sponsors other prestigious marathons across Canada such as the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon (TO), Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon (BC), Scoatiabank Calgary Marathon (AB), Scotiabank Fredericton Race Weekend (NB), and the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon (NS). The growing Island Marathon is proud to join the ranks of Marathons sporting Scotiabank’s colours and hopes it continues its strong history of supporting Marathons across Canada in PEI, as well.

Several runners have already registered and the Scotiabank PEI Marathon, which expects to see about 3,000 runners this year, has a few new surprises for participants and visitors alike. The new location of the Marathon headquarters during race weekend will be at the Murphy Community Centre on Richmond Street, housing everything under one roof, from registration to the new Healthy Lifestyle Expo. The larger venue promises much more space for exhibitors and participants alike. As well, the PEI Marathon is introducing a new magazine-format weekend publication, with a RUNNING LINES feature, whereby supporters can publish personalized messages for runners or take out larger ads.

Alongside Scotiabank, returning event sponsors for the 2016 PEI Marathon are: Grant Thornton (Full Marathon), Recharge with Milk (Half Marathon), Run With It (10K Run), Go!PEI (5 & 10K Walks), Brown’s Volkswagen (Corporate Relay), and the PEI Potato Board (Kids’ Spud Run). Joining the line-up for the first time is GoodLife Fitness, sponsoring the 5K Run. As in several years past, the Olde Dublin Pub will host the Pasta Supper and will be open on Sunday, October 16 from 4-10 p.m. to accommodate participants who wish to have a celebratory snack.

There is still time for interested businesses to reserve a booth for the Expo, and pre-registration for runners is ongoing through Race Roster. For the full marathon schedule of events and other details and announcements, please visit You can also follow the PEI Marathon on Twitter @PEIMarathon and Prince Edward Island Marathon on Facebook and win prizes with the weekly Trivia Tuesday.


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Charlottetown, PE – August 22, 2016—The PEI Marathon is excited to announce a bigger and better Healthy HEALTHY Lifestyle Expo to take place during the 2016 PEI Marathon Weekend from October 14-16, 2016. The Healthy Lifestyle Expo will open on Friday, October 14 at 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, October 15 from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Murphy Community Centre on Richmond Street, Charlottetown. An expected 3,000 participants and their companions, along with other visitors from all over Canada and the rest of the world will visit the Expo during the weekend, providing an excellent opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Besides the Expo, the PEI Marathon booklet is being launched in its brand new format, with new ad sizes and ad prices. A special package is available for exhibitors who also wish to take out an ad. The PEI Marathon looks forward to PEI businesses taking advantage of these excellent opportunities to show the world the outstanding quality of products and services they have promoting a healthy lifestyle. To reserve a booth and advertising space, contact or visit to download the form.


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