Full Marathon

2015 map with stops final

Half Marathon

2015 Half Map


Corporate Relay

Leg 1            5.5K           From the Marathon Start line at the National Park                                                                  Brackley Entrance to Stanhope Beach Resort.

2015 Corp Leg 1 Map (1)

Leg 2            6.8K           From Stanhope Beach Resort to Eastern Rd at                                                                   National Park Dalvay Entrance.

2015 Corp Leg 2 Map (1)

Leg 3            6.8K           From National Park Dalvay Entrance to Millcove Rd.

2015 Corp Leg 3 Map

Leg 4            5.9K           From Millcove Rd to Suffolk Rd. trail intersection.

leg 4

Leg 5            3.7K           From Suffolk Rd. trail intersection to York Rd. trail                                                             intersection.

leg 5

Leg 6            2.7K           From York Road trail intersection to Union Road along the                                                   Confederation Trial.

leg 6

Leg 7            5.6K           From Union Rd. trail intersection to Superior Cres.

leg 7

Leg 8            5.2K           From Superior Cres. to the Marathon Finish Line on                                                             the corner of University Ave and Grafton Street.

leg 8