Rules & Regulations

Registration Policies

Refunds: Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

Deferral: If for unforeseen circumstances participants are unable to participate in the event for which they registered, they may defer their registration for the same race to the following year. This deferral is valid only until the next race event (the following year).
Participants who opt to switch to race categories with a higher fee structure will be required to pay for differences in race fees. Participants will not be reimbursed if they switch to a race category of a lower fee structure. Switching of race categories is permitted during the Prince Edward Island Marathon Race Weekend, with the same rules as above.

Age Restrictions: As of race day, all participants shall fall within the following age categories for eligibility in the Prince Edward Island Marathon Race Weekend.
Full Marathon:
– under 16 : not eligible
– 16 – 18   : eligible with parental/guardian consent
– 18 +       : eligible
Half Marathon:
– under 14 : not eligible
– 14 – 16   : eligible with parental/guardian consent
– 16 +       : eligible
* Parents/Guardians must sign the Letter of Consent for participants who fall within the restricted age limit. Parents/Guardians are urged to ensure that the health and safety requirements of youth participants is paramount upon signing the Letter of Consent. Event organizers reserve the right to require proof of age, and to deny entry into any of the races during the Prince Edward Island Marathon Race Weekend.

Liability Disclaimer: Participants shall assume all liability for risk of direct or indirect injury, loss, damage, or death as a consequence of their participation in any of the races during the Prince Edward Island Marathon Race Weekend. Prince Edward Island Marathon Inc. assumes no liability in respect to the state or condition of the surface upon which the event is held and all participants shall ensure that they are satisfied with the state and condition of the surface of the route before commencing the event.

Course Policies

Course Hours: Traffic control, health and safety volunteers, and race officials will start to vacate the course as the last runner passes by or six (6) hours after the start, whichever comes first. Anyone who continues to run on the course after the six (6) hour time limit will be doing so at his/her own risk.

Course Closure: During the Prince Edward Island Marathon Weekend, routes for each race are closed while each race is in progress. Routes are monitored for safety and security by police, course marshals, and Prince Edward Island Marathon officials. Participants are still encouraged to heed caution.

Restricted Items: Bicycles, inline skates, rollerblades, scooters, pets (animals), and segways are banned in every race category.

Use of Strollers: Strollers are permissible in all race categories under the condition that they are positioned at the back of the start group.

Use of Wheelchairs: The Prince Edward Island Marathon course is not fully wheelchair accessible. Subsequently, the Prince Edward Island Marathon Inc. does not sanction the use of wheelchairs on the marathon course. Should a participant wish to pursue using a wheelchair on the Marathon course, he or she will require the support of another able- bodied person, and that person must also be a registered participant in the Prince Edward Island Marathon. Please see our Liability Disclaimer above.

Participant support: Participants receiving nutrition or pacing support from unregistered runners will be disqualified from the event. If participants choose to have a support person aiding them at any point during the race, that support person must also be a registered participant in the event.

Other Policies

Weather: The Race Director reserves the right to cancel or modify any component of the Prince Edward Island Marathon Weekend in consideration of extremely adverse weather conditions or other health or safety factors that pose an imminent threat to participants or volunteers. In the unlikely event of cancellation, registered participants will be entitled to defer their current registration to the following year’s entry fee.

Use of Image: By entering this event, participants give permission for the free use of his/her name, voice, or picture in any broadcast, marketing, promotion, or other medium in relation to any Prince Edward Island Marathon activity.

Unforeseen Circumstances: If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Prince Edward Island Marathon Weekend is cancelled or modified, the entire liability of Prince Edward Island Marathon Inc. is limited to the registration fee only.  Prince Edward Island Marathon Inc. will not cover any further costs and/or expenses incurred by participants.