Run With It 10K RUN

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The 10K Run and 10K Walk begin at 9 am in downtown Charlottetown completing a looped course which starts and ends on Grafton St.

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The 10K is a looped course, starting and finishing at the Confederation Centre on Grafton Street. The 10K race starts in front of the Confederation Centre on Grafton Street, and runners head west along Grafton Street (~0.54 km), turning right onto West Street (~0.11 km). After a quick left onto Kent Street (~0.14 km), the runners enter Victoria Park. Runners follow the Park Road (~1.24 km) along Charlottetown Harbour with views across the Harbour to Stratford and Rocky Point and across the North River to York Point. After exiting the Park, runners proceed onto Queen Elizabeth Drive (~0.95 km) and follow the shore of the North River through the distinguished Charlottetown neighbourhood of Brighton. Next is a right turn onto Charlotte Drive (~0.33 km) and a left onto Edinburg Drive (~0.49 km). Another left brings the runners onto Brittany Drive (~0.50 km), where they continue to hug the shore of the North River. Next is a right onto Maplewood Crescent (~0.05 km), and a quick left onto Moreau Drive (~0.19 km). This is followed by a quick left onto Spruce Street (~0.09 km). The runners then turn right on to Queen Elizabeth Drive Extension (~0.21 km), where they proceed inland and uphill, crossing North River Road onto Belvedere Ave (~0.84 km). After crossing University Avenue (still on Belvedere Avenue ~0.23 km), the runners turn left at the entrance to the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). The 10K runners follow the loop road (~1.34 km) that circles the UPEI campus, after which they exit onto University Ave (left turn). From here, it is straight down University Avenue and Upper Great George (~2.75 km) to the finish just before the Confederation Centre on Grafton Street.
10K Course Elevations. The elevation at the start of the 10K course is 10 masl (metres above sea level), and the elevation of the first 4.7K of the course is all below 10 masl. As the runners turn onto Queen Elizabeth Drive Extension, they climb to 24 masl, approximately halfway along Belvedere Avenue. The course dips back down to 18 masl at the entrance to UPEI and then climbs to 27 masl through the UPEI campus. Over the last 2.7K of the race (on University Avenue), the elevation drops from 27 masl to 10 masl at the finish line.