With Marathon Weekend coming up in less than 8 months (that’s approximately 32 weeks from now), you can start getting into shape for it. The consensus for best training time seems to be 18 weeks, so you should plan to begin around May. Many trainers and guides, however, recommend running or training for a year before you actually join your first marathon. In any case, more training never hurts, and no training will definitely hurt you. We’ve rounded up some resources from several sites for marathon training, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner. There’s always new information out there. If you know any great training tips and resource sites, please send a link to

Here are some awesome resources for training:

Moksha Yoga gives some great tips for stretching.

Runner’s World has several helpful articles on training for a marathon. Read more here.

Read about marathon training for beginners in Marathon Rookie.

Here are some great tips on creating a marathon training plan and schedule from Cool Running.

Women’s Running offers their tips on a training plan for your first marathon.

Popsugar offers an 18-week training plan for beginners.

Here’s marathon training expert Hal Higdon‘s training guide for marathons.